About Michael Junior

Michael Junior (Verschuere) was born on April 21, 1986 in Bruges St. Lucas, Belgium and grew up in Geidelberg Straat.

He made his singing debut in March of 1998 with Helmut Lotti at the Casino of Oostende in Belgium. Michael is becoming world famous after producing three incredible albums "Dreamland", "Musica e la vita", "You Raise Me Up" and his most recent album, "Life in English".

Join us in celebrating the life and voice of handsome Michael Junior, who brings enchantment and exhilaration to everyone who hears him sing.

Belgium And The United States

While Michael Junior lives in Belgium, this Fansite was created in the State of Vermont and is also hosted here in the United States. This site was last updated in the Summer of 2015.



I am no longer active in the music industry because I have been unable to find management here in Belgium.

The music business has become very difficult. However, I have given my life to Jesus. I am in the Pentacostal church and I often sing in our church. But the first thing I wish to do in singing is singing to worship the lord and would love to become a christian singer.

It is hard to do this here in Belgium because there are not as many Christians here as there is in the USA.

If anything changes with me, I will surely let you know here. Thank you to all of my fans for your support and concern over the years.